About Us

The Massachusetts Archaeological Society (MAS), founded in 1939, is dedicated to the promotion of the scientific study of Massachusetts archaeology, the protection of archaeological sites, and the fostering of a common bond and among all students of archaeology through the support of the scientific efforts of both professional and avocational archaeologists. MAS is also committed to raising awareness of Native American culture and heritage through archaeology.

As part of our mission to foster better public understanding of archaeological research, MAS publishes a wide range of publications include the MAS Bulletin, a scientific journal published twice a year, the MAS Newsletter, which highlights MAS activities, and occasional publications including artifact guides and site reports.

MAS sponsors two meetings each year in the spring and fall, which are open to the general public and provide a mix of professional and avocational reports on the archaeology of Massachusetts and New England.

Two affiliated MAS chapters provide monthly programs for their members. The chapters meet in Worcester and Andover, Massachusetts. Information on chapter events can be found at the MAS web site.

Additionally, MAS maintains the Robbins Museum of Archaeology. Founded in 1943 as the Bronson Museum, the museum moved to Middleborough, MA in 1988 and was renamed in honor of the Society's first president and the first Massachusetts State Archaeologist, Maurice Robbins. The museum showcases exhibits on Massachusetts? Native past covering 11,000 years of human habitation in Massachusetts and curates over 150,000 artifacts. It also offers an exceptional library for researchers in Native American archaeology and history. Tours and educational programming tied to Massachusetts? educational frameworks are offered for school children and programming is available for scouts and adult visitors.

We are a volunteer-based organization, staffed by professionals and amateurs who are devoted to Massachusetts archaeology. We invite you to become a member of our Society. Your membership will help with the ongoing preservation and education efforts of the MAS.

To learn more about the Massachusetts Archaeological Society and the Robbins Museum of Archaeology, see our web site at http://www.massarchaeology.org.